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Lukas Drinkwater


Session musician - Composer - Producer

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Check out some live videos of me in action with various projects

At the recording of Jacob & Drinkwater's 'Live at Hope Hall' album

A live video session with Chris Woods Groove, featuring Harkiret Singh on Tabla and Matt Calder on Hang.

Emily Barker Band - 'Sweet Kind of Blue' live at Bodega, Nottingham, 25th Nov 2017. Recorded live at the gig and mixed by me at my studio in Stroud.

With Emily Barker - live on Spain's Radio Nacional España R3

Jacob & Drinkwater - live at Daylight Music, the Union Chapel, London - July 2017

With Tankus the Henge - Live at Scala, London (Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker tour)


Some of the various works I've contributed to over the years ,either on double bass, guitar, drums, electric bass, cello, mandolin, keys or vocals, and sometimes a bit of engineering work too - there are probably many more.. Please remind me is I've missed anything that you know about.
This page is a work in progress too, so I intend to link each record cover to a place you can hear it.

My Studio

Lower Street


Contact me

If you're interested in working with me, either in hiring me as session musician to play on your record / soundtrack / as a live musician or to write with, or if you want to come and record at my studio in Stroud, drop me a line and let's chat.

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