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Musician, composer and producer Lukas Drinkwater is based in Stroud, UK where he runs Polyphonic Recording with his partner Emily Barker.
Available for remote session recording, studio sessions, live performance, composition, co-writing, recording and production services, get in touch on the contact section of this page.


THIS OLD RIVER - Jacob & Drinkwater

Available now to pre-order from Bandcamp on the link below - release date 20th March 2019.
This is the first full-length studio album by the duo, released on their own label Polyphonic Life Records, and available as a download or a CD.

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Check out some live videos of me in action with various projects

At the recording of Jacob & Drinkwater's 'Live at Hope Hall' album

A live video session with Chris Woods Groove, featuring Harkiret Singh on Tabla and Matt Calder on Hang.

Emily Barker Band - 'Sweet Kind of Blue' live at Bodega, Nottingham, 25th Nov 2017. Recorded live at the gig and mixed by me at my studio in Stroud.

With Emily Barker - live on Spain's Radio Nacional España R3

Jacob & Drinkwater - live at Daylight Music, the Union Chapel, London - July 2017

With Tankus the Henge - Live at Scala, London (Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker tour)



Some of the various works I've contributed to over the years ,either on double bass, guitar, drums, electric bass, cello, mandolin, keys or vocals, and sometimes a bit of engineering work too - there are probably many more.. Please remind me is I've missed anything that you know about.
This page is a work in progress too, so I intend to link each record cover to a place you can hear it.

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Contact me

If you're interested in working with me, as a recording engineer / Producer, or in hiring me as session musician to play on your record / soundtrack / as a live musician or to write with, or if you want to come and discuss an idea that’s not fully formed yet, drop me a line and let's chat.

My studio ‘Polyphonic Recording’ is in Stroud, Gloucestershire and is well equipped with Drums, Amps, Piano, Guitars ad Basses galore, and all the right gear to just turn up, hit record, and start making music!

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Live Gear

Fender '59 re-issue Precision Bass
Mark Bass Little Mark amp with a Mark Bass CMD 210 cabinet.
Chadwick Folding double bass with a Fishman Full Circle pickup, and an Ovid CC100 clip-on microphone
L.R Baggs & Orchid Electronics DI boxes
I use Mono Creators cases and I use Dunlop strings for bass.

Martin 00X1 acoustic guitar with an L.R Baggs M1A acoustic humbucker pickup
Fender Telecaster standard
Eko 100 1960’s archop electric guitar
Vyse Amps Princeton Blackface Clone custom hand-wired valve amp
I use hand made guitar straps by Heistercamp LLP

Studio gear

Focusrite 18i20 USB 8-channel interface
TL Audio c-5021 dual channel valve compressor
Golden Age Projects Pre-73 (Neve 1073 copy) pre-amp
Allen & Heath Zed60 14fx Desk

Genelec 1029a monitors
Behringer Truth B2031a Monitors
Sennheiser & Sony headphones

Neumann TLM102
SE Electronic 1a x2
EV PL-33
Audio Technica AT33a
Shure SM7b
Shure SM 57
Shure Unidyne (1970s)
Shure SM58 x 3
Shure Beta Green x 3 (1970s)
Shure Prologue x 3 (1970s)
AKG C2000b x 2
Ear Trumpet Labs - 'Myrtle'
DPA De:facto
Sony F99a stereo dynamic mic (Japanese 1980s)

Roland RD 64 electric piano / midi controller
Akai MPK mini midi controller
C. Bechstein Model V upright piano (1899)

Fender Telecaster standard
Fender Telecaster '72 thinline
Eko 100 Archtop electric (1960s)
Martin 000x1 Sprice acoustic
Scott Wise dreadnought cutaway acoustic
Kimbara Japanese nylon-string guitar (1970s)
Gibson L-00 (1937)
Fender Precision Bass - 1980s

Chadwick Double Bass (USA - 2018)
Florentino Cello (Italian)


Vyse Amps hand-wired black-face princeton clone valve amp
Cornell Romany 10w valve amp
Mark Bass - Little Mark iii amp head
Mark Bass 2x10 cab

70s Premier kit
Various Istanubul. Zyn, Stagg cymbals
Various percussion: claves, tambourines, shakers, cowbell etc…

Cables, pedals, power supplies, and tea-making facilities as standard